Turkish Catheter Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish catheter, Turkey catheter manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality catheter from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

3A MEDIKAL        Türkiye         
s medical products, medical devices, intensive care products, medical supplies, medical consumables, medical disposables, catheter, anesthesia products, surgical products, surgical equipments, operating room equipments, cannula, i.v. cannula, turkish, medical disposable
UYDU MEDIKAL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mehmet ERSOY    
s medical, medical product, medical products, medical disposable, medical disposables, medical consumable, medical consumables, ostomy product, ostomy products, anesthesia product, orthosis products, oxygen production, anesthesia products, infusion products, catheters, colostomy products, ileostomy products, urostomy products, compressed air conditioning, compressed gas conditioning, stoma caps, sealed bags, flange adapters, unloaded bags, disposable, disposables, flange ad, filters, catheter, aspiration catheter, nasogastric catheter, nutrition catheter, thorax catheter, oxygen mask, knee joints, cleaning solutions, nelaton catheter, nebulizer set, ileostomy bags, floating flange adapters, ostomy paste, ostomy belt, gel-forming granule powder, adhesive safety bands, endotracheal tube balloon, endotracheal tube without balance, spiral endotracheal tube balloon, south shaped endotracheal tube balloon, north shaped endotracheal tube balloon, tracheostomy tube balloon, tracheostomy tubeless balance, nasal oxygen canister, abdominal catheter, silicone foley catheter, orthosis product, infusion product, colostomy product, ileostomy product, urostomy product, lever knee joints, spring knee joints, automatic knee joints
SAMANYOLU MEDIKAL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Soner KAVAL    
s medical materials, medical equipments, analysis and measurement, aspiration catheter, balance cane, bed-side monitor, brain surgery products, cardiology products, catheter, cervical collar, cholesterol equipments, digital thermomether, elastic bandages, flasters, foley catheter, gas compresors, hand and foot health, hemodialysis products, incubator disinfactions, infusion pumps, inpatient products, medicated stents, nebulisator, poviiodeks antiseptik baticon, orthopedic products, medical devices, wheelchair, patient pad, surgical instruments, cotton, weighing machine, bandage, elastic bandage, patient pads, overshoe, medical supplies, plasters, examination gloves, medical equipment, medical equipment, medical equipment, wheelchairs, skin care products, hand care products, oral care products, aluminum orthopedic products, scuba, pef meter, air-bearing systems, arm blood pressure monitor measures, baby weighing machine, bathroom scale, battery car, battery operated cars, bedridden patient product, bedridden patient products, blood pressure cuffs, bpap devices, browse materials, chamber, clinical thermometers, clinical type blood pressure monitor, colostomy, colostomy products, cpap equipment, diaper, digital blood pressure measuring equipment, digital blood pressure monitor, duck sliders enema, ear plugs, ear temperature gauge, emergency first aid products, family health and medicine supplies, finger splint, gauze, injectors, kits, living wheel, lower limb products, manual blood pressure monitor, massage products, maternal and infant health products, measure body temperature, measures spout fire, medical corsets, medical cotton, medical cotton, medical probe, medical product, medical products, medical products, medicine boxes, nebulizers, non-contact temperature gauge, nurse-type blood pressure monitor, oxygen concentrators, patient beds, patient cots, patient gland, physical therapy products, power wheel chairs, power wheelchair, pulse oximetry, shoe covers, sickbed, urostomy, urostomy products, with silicone orthopedic products, upper extremity products, respiratory devices, snoring device, triflow, stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, wrist blood pressure monitor measures, types of pediatric sphygmomanometer, adult type blood pressure monitor, vaccine transport containers, urine bags, synthetic gypsum, water bag, stockings, wound care products, solutions
ASPERA MEDICAL PRODUCTS        Türkiye     Burak Toprak    
s balloon dilation catheter, bipore catheter, cardiovascular catheter, catheter, medical, medical products
ARGI GRUP SAGLIK HIZMETLERI TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Hakan Alptekinoğlu    
s catheter, csf, evd, lomber drainage, raney, ventricular drainage, lumbar drainage, medical
ISIL SAGLIK A.S.        Türkiye     Seda BOZKURT    
s medical services, hospital services, cardiology, cardiovasicular surgery, fertilization, transplantation, cancer center, aesthetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, radiotherapy, neurology, medical units, parkinson, emergency services, angiography, endoscopy, coronary intensive, newborn intensive, surgery intensive, cardiovascular surgery intensive, general intensive, kidney transplantation, liver transplantation, bone marrow transplantation, medical oncology, cardiovascular surgery, radiation oncology, ivf, nuclear medicine, obstetrics, stent, dilatation, catheter, balloon, guidewire, angio catheter, introducer sheath, inflation device, radial, guiding catheter, manifold, pace elektrode, close pad, suture, surgical pack, drape, towel, gown, bed cover, pillow cover, stapler, needle, shringe, laboratory, disinfectant, sterilization, glove, cvp, dialyzer, cannula, infusion set, transfusion set, transducer, injector, foley, sonda, dry apricot, hospital textile, intensive care, radiology, gynecology, orthopedics, plastic surgery, gastroentrology, check-up, dermatology, ophthalmology, cardiovascular surgery, medical laboratories, pediatrics, ear nose throat, internal medicine, endocrinology, chest diseases, thoraric surgery, physical treatmant, oral and dental health, cancer treatment, neurological sciences
SAGLIK TIBBI URUNLER LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Şevkiye SARIYAPRAK    
s medical products, medical materials, medical items, medical consumables, blood transfusion sets, infusion sets, disposable infusion sets, urine bags, pediatric urine collectors, urine collectors, gauze bandages, bandages, spinal needles, needles, electro surgical pencils, hypodermic needles, foley catheters, catheters, syrnirges, surgical blades, lancets, surgical gloves, powdered surgical gloves, powder-free surgical gloves, flowmeters, disposable, disposables, medical waste box, elastic bandage, sterilizator, cap, doctor, mattress, bandage, elastic bandage, flowmeter, catheter, hypodermic needle, needle, urine bag, blood transfusion set, disposable infusion set, patient beds, lancet, infusion set, foley catheter, medical consumable, medical product, medical material, gauze bandage, medical item, surgical blade, surgical glove, spinal needle, hypodermic needles, pediatric urine collector, urine collector, electro surgical pencil, syrnirge, powdered surgical glove, powder-free surgical glove, waste box, diposable sharp containers, sharp containers, patient mattress, patient home care products
SISTOL        Türkiye         
s anesthesia equipment, aortic punch, aspiration sets, bivalve splints, cannulas, capillary blood collection system, catheter, custom cut splints, dilation catheter, disposable circular stapler, disposable injection needles, ercp catheter, insulin pen needles, medical devices, medical disposables, medical equipment, medical supplies, patient care, patient care products, prostatic stent system, reusable forceps, sedimentation tank, serum tubes, the cannula antegrade, venous cannula
ARDIC ECZA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Gamze MÜDERRİSOĞLU    
s medical, medicine, medicines, medical products, diabetic test strips, medical device, medical devices, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical warehouse, pharmaceutical warehouses, drug warehouse, drug warehouses, abizol, aceprix, acetylcystein, acnedur, acnelyse, actiq, adeleks, acular, adepiron, advantan, adrimisin, adriblastina, a-ferin, afilta, aggrastat, aftojel, airfix, aklovir, aksef, aktibol-l, alatab, medical equipments, medical equipment, underpad, katater, catheter, catheters, test kit, kits, laboratory consumables, laboratory disposables, surgical sutures, sutures, centrifuge, x ray device, patient monitor, vacuum delivery system, needle, needles and syringes, syringes, wheelchair, hospital furniture, stretcher
TAKTIM GRUP MEDIKAL        Türkiye         
s medical products, medical disposable, medical consumables, rehabilitation products, medical products for disabled, physical therapy products, wheelchair, varsity socks, urology products, catheter, wheelchair spare parts
JUYE FORNA MEDICAL INSTRUMENT CO. LTD.        Çin     Julie dong    
s infusion set, iv cannula, catheter, urine bag, scalp vein set, butterfly needle, iv set, 3way stopcock
AKIN GLOBAL MEDICAL        Türkiye     akın    
s medical products, medical equipments, medical materials, medical consumaables, medical disposables, catheter, therapeutic products, medical devices, surgical products, artificial blood vessel, ureteral stents, needle biopsy gun, diagnostic products, respiratory equipments, anesthesia products, oxygen tents
LIMIT MEDIKAL        Türkiye     ERSİN ALMAK    
s medical devices, medical equipments, medical supplies, medical disposables, medical consumables, radiology products, cardiology products, cardiovascular products, catheter, medical stent, medical products
BUDAK GRUP MEDIKAL LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s medical devices, medical equipments, medical supplies, medical disposables, medical consumables, radiology products, cardiology products, cardiovascular products, catheter, medical stent, medical products
LONYI MEDICAL TECH. CO. LTD.        Çin     candy tang    
s catheter, medical tube, ivf catheter, medical disposible, medical extrusion tube, medical consumable
BEST SMART MEDICAL LLC.        Ermenistan     Garegin Mkhitaryan    
s medical, medicals, stent, catheter, sheaths, des, film, x-ray, sony, agfa, medtronic, biotronik, abbott, bmw, xience, guidewire, guiding catheter, angioplasty, coronary, terumo, floppy, asahi, sion, cardiac stent, manifold, emerald, cordis, boston, imaging, cardio, vascular
SU BIYOMEDIKAL SIST. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Miray KARAYÜN    
s surgical set, fistula, catheter, procedure pack, drape, dressing, dialysis kit, surgical gown, custom pack, flowart, swap, medical devices, medical equipments, medical materials, medical items, procedure sets, medical procedure sets, cannula kits, pediatric cannula kits, urethral catheterization kits, suture kits, trichotomy kits, skin preparation kits, dressing kits, eye dressing kits, hemodialysis catheter connection sets, hemodialysis catheter disconnection sets, catheter protection pouches, catheter connection sets, catheter disconnection sets, radiology packs, neuro radiology packs, cardiology packs, ophthalmol, table covers, surgical gowns, drapes, laparotomy drapes, laparoscopy drapes, ophthalmology packs, surgery sets, knee surgery sets, shoulder surgery sets, hand surgery sets, vertebra surgery sets, angiography surgery sets, caserean surgery sets, cardiovascular surgery sets, thyroid surgery sets, rhinoplasty surgery sets, liposculpture surgery sets, hair implantation surgery sets, reinforced surgical gowns, adhesive drapes, angiography drapes, cardiovascular drapes, hip drapes, shoulder drapes, ceserean drapes, craniotomy drapes
KAF GRUP SAGLIK HIZMETLERI        Türkiye         
s cath, catheter, ptca balloon catheter, healthcare, healthcare products, healthcare services